Metallica– "One"​​​​​​​
The song that kicked off the idea inspired by the machine-gun drum beats in the second half. "One" is loosely based on the story of Joe Bonham– a WW1 soldier who lost his legs, eyes, ears, mouth and nose to a German shell– so impact was my key inspiration for this piece. I wanted to allude not only to the physical deformation but also the mental shattering of being in a war.
Bon Iver– "715 - CR∑∑KS"​​​​​​​
To me the song is about being lost in thought or a memory and kind of obsessing on it. The letters create a dream-like, idyllic world with shifting perspectives, whilst also hinting at the electronic feel of the song with digital textures and sharp forms.
Elizabeth Cotton– "Freight Train"
An unsung guitar hero and a song I love playing because of its satisfying fingerstyle movement, which formed a large portion of the inspiration for this piece. The typography was directly inspired by guitar chord charts but also serve as a way to convey a sense of fast movement.
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