I'm a Manchester graphic designer, illustrator and conceptual thinker who has over two years' experience freelancing for a video production company. When I'm not doing art and design, I can be found playing with my band or exploring the oceans.
A proud, self-proclaimed Jack, I'd rather experience a plethora of media and processes and do them well, than to hone and master a single one. Over the years I've done everything from drawing, painting and silkscreen printing to sculpture, photography, installation and animation; lately I've been loving experimenting with the much-maligned medium of watercolour. I have particular soft spots in design for typography, branding, illustration and digital design. 
Driven by the expression of ideas, I'm a firm believer in designing for the world we wish to live in. After experiencing the breath-taking beauty of the open ocean, I'm passionate about the power of design to question and change behaviours; in particular those that pertain to the environment.
If any of this resonates with you or your goals, then get in touch; I'd love to get to know you.
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